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Support Information for Power Supply Units


Caution! Life-threatening situation! Never open the housing of the power supply! Power supplies are maintenance-free components that should be opened by specially trained professionals only. If you open the power supplies housing by yourself, your warranty will automatically expire.

Components within a power supply unit may retain high voltages that are life-threatening even after switching it off and pulling the plug. If you should observe development of smoke or changes of the housing that are not self-inflicted, pull the plug of the power supply immediately. Do not use the power supply again!

General reference note!

Lots of different components are available on the market leading to countless configuration possibilities for computer systems. This may lead to incompatibilities. NesteQ power supplies are built according to the known specifications and norms. Even though we try our best to assure compatibility to as many available components as possible, incompatibility might occur. Should an incompatibility occur, please consult your retailer for advise or assistance.

Please make sure that the power output of the power supply you choose has a power rating that will meet your system configuration. If you are unsure about what power rating to choose, ask your retailer for advice. Please take your future upgrade plans into consideration.

Contact information for warranty information:

If you have any questions, please consult your retailer, or send us an email to:


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