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NesteQ Zero3 Fan Controller
Zero3 Fan Controller

NesteQ Zero3 controls up to three fans either fully automatic, or if desired manually. The "0dB Mode" can control the attached fans according to the temperature measured by the included temperature sensor. The fans will only start spinning when the pre-set temperature is reached.

Place Zero3 at any location within your case and connect up to three fans at the same time to it. With the switch you can select between the manual or automatic operation mode.

The manual mode allows setting the output voltage conveniently and easy with the dial between 6V and 12V.

The automatic mode allows setting the output voltage with the dial first. Then you set the desired temperature when the fans should start spinning. As soon the temperature rises above the chosen setting (35°C, 45°C, 55°C oder 65°C) the fans start to spin. When the temperature falls again below the setting they stop again. The temperature sensor can be placed at any location in the case, for example at your graphics card or processor cooler.

  • Fan controller with thermostat control features
  • Completely automated start and stop feature for connected fans
  • Temperature sensor with long cable allows free placement anywhere within the enclosure
  • Connects and controls up to 3 fans with standard 3 pin power connectors

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Technical Specifications


Dimensions (L x B x H)
Cable length
Connector type
59mm x 40mm x 16mm
Plastic, Metal
80cm Sensor, 50cm + 10cm Power
3-Pin (standard Molex)
Rated voltage / power (output)
0 - 12 Volt (automatic) 6 - 12 V (manual) / 20W max.
Rated voltage (input)
DC 12 Volt (4-Pin standard Molex)
Model No.
EAN - Code
3 246436 780089

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