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NesteQ MaxZero 8-Channel Fan Controller / Temperature Monitor
MaxZero 8-Ch Fan Controller and Temperature Monitor

MaxZero fan controller enables you to control and adjust the revolutions of the fans in your whole computer system, and precisely measures temperatures at four spots. Connect a maximum of 8 fans, and place the 4 temperature sensors to the spots you want to monitor. The installation is easy, and all the required cables and accessories are included in the retail package.

You can conveniently set an alarm for each temperature sensor with a setting range between 38°C and 85°C. When the temperature reaches the defined setting, the visual and audible (alarm) alert will be triggered. If you do not need an alarm, this audible function can be optionally turned off.

Otherwise you can select either automatic driving mode among LOW-, MID- or HIGH-RPM for each fan. According to the sensed temperature, the automatic fan driving mode will jump to the next higher setting, and then return to your setting, when the temperature falls again. Each of the four temperature zones controls two fans simultaneously.

Once MaxZero has been set to “0dB(A) Mode”, you do not need to worry over controlling your fan settings anymore. MaxZero conveniently takes it over by turning the fans on, when the sensed temperature reaches 45°C or higher. MaxZero will turn the fans off, as soon the temperature falls again.

Another great feature of MaxZero is that you can use it as a monitoring device, by connecting it to an existing fan controller, like the NesteQ FanMax. In this way you still control your fans with the existing fan controller while benefiting from monitoring capabilities of MaxZero.

  • Fit in an available 5.25” bay of your computer case
  • Glossy black finish blends seamlessly into your setup
  • Easily readable display showing fan revolutions and temperatures
  • 4 accurate temperature sensors and 8 fans under control
  • Automatic adjustment for each fan group: 0V, 5V, 9V, 12V
  • Connect fans with up to 4.8W per ch. and 3-Pin/PWM connection
  • Automatic visual alert function for fan defectiveness
  • Over-temperature alarm setting range between 38°C and 85°C
  • Visual and audible alert function for over-setting temperature
  • “0dB(A) Mode” for longer silent intervals - fans activated at 45°C
  • LOW-, MID- or HIGH-RPM driving mode for each fan group

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Technical Specifications


Dimensions (L x W x H)
Cable length
Connector type
78mm x 148.5mm x 42mm
80cm (fan power cables / temperature sensors)
3-Pin (standard Molex) & PWM compatible
LED (Display)
Display for fan RPM, temperature sensors ( °C ) and security alerts
Rated voltage / power (output)
0, 5, 9, 12 Volt automatic regulation / 0.4A, 4.8W per channel max.
Rated voltage (input)
DC 12 Volt (4-Pin standard Molex)
Model No.
EAN - Code
3 246436 780049

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