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Fan Controllers
FanMax 8-Channel Fan Controller

FanMax 8-Channel Fan Controller

FanMax fan controller is the ideal device to control and adjust the revolutions of your fans in your whole computer system. Eight channels divided into to two seperatly controllable groups allow precise control of connected fans anytime. An extremely stylish aluminum front blends in with your case seamlessly.

Available in black and silver.

FanMax 8-Channel Fan Controller

MaxZero Fan Controller and Temperature Monitor

MaxZero fan controller enables you to control and adjust the revolutions of up to 8 fans in your computer system, and precisely measures temperatures at four spots.

NSH-3350 Silikonrahmen für 3.5" HDDs

Zero3 Fan Controller

Zero3 controls up to three fans either fully automatic, or if desired manually. The "0dB Mode" can control the attached fans according to the temperature measured by the included temperature sensor. The fans will only start spinning when the pre-set temperature is reached.

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