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NesteQ RubberScrew Magnet - Fan Isolation Assembly Set
RubberScrew Magnet RubberScrew Magnet

NesteQ RubberScrew Magnet, compatible with case fans of all sizes, can reduce vibrations efficiently. Always do assembly with NesteQ RubberScrew Magnet instead of conventional screws.

Each package contains six RubberScrews, four magnets, and four rubber rings for the magnets. The magnets let you place the fan anywhere you want.

Attention: Please maintain at least 10cm distance to hard disk drives to prevent any data loss!

  • Innovative installation of case fans in computer housings
  • Install additional fans for CPU, Graphics Cards, Add-On cards
  • Install larger fans (e.g. 140mm, 200mm) than the computer housing can accommodate
  • Patented design

RubberScrew Magnet Set  RubberScrew Magnet Vertical Installation  RubberScrew Magnet Vertical Installation  RubberScrew Magnet Horizontal Installation

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