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NesteQ MS550 mini.ITX.case
MS550 mini.ITX.case

The MS550 mini.ITX.case is ideal for your home theater. A classic black or silver/black design seamlessly blends into your multimedia setup. Due to its compact size MS550 mini.ITX.case is very space saving. Made of metal and aluminum, the casing keeps conducting and dissipating heat away.

With the stand holder, MS550 mini.ITX.case can be positioned in vertical position to perfectly fit in your home theater arrangement. The rubberized stand holder is skid-proof, and absorbs vibrations further more.

You can easily install ITX compatible mainboards. An external power supply unit with high efficiency and outstanding performance is included to be connected to the internal ATX power board. The ATX power board, kept up to future-proof standards of the ATX specification version 2.2, has a P4 as well as a 24-pin connector.

The MS550 mini.ITX.case is built to work with SATA devices. All required cables for installation of an ITX mainboard, a SATA HDD (2.5-inches) and a SATA DVD-drive (slim form factor) are included. Purchasing additional cables is not necessary.

MS550 mini.ITX.case Front View  MS550 mini.ITX.case Case Open with Hard Drive - Optical Drive Traynt View  MS550 mini.ITX.case - Inside View  MS550 mini.ITX.case Headphones- and Microphone-Ports and SD-Card Slot - Top View  MS550 mini.ITX.case Vertical  MS550 mini.ITX.case Horizontal  MS550 mini.ITX.case Case Open with Hard Drive / Optical Drive Tray  MS550 mini.ITX.case Top - Inside View  MS550 mini.ITX.case Accessories  MS550 mini.ITX.case Headphones- and Microphone-Ports and SD-Card Slot 
Technical Specifications


Size (W x D x H):
210 mm x 310 mm x 55 mm
Metal & Aluminum (1mm)
Silver/Black & black
1 x Power-On
1 x Reset
1 x Power-On (Orange)
1 x HDD activity (Blue)
DVD drive bay:
Fits one SATA SLIM DVD-RW drive
HDD drive bay:
Fits one SATA 2.5" HDD
One 40 mm silent fan pre-installed
Audio interfaces:
1 x Mic / 1 x Headphones (3.5 mm analog)
USB interfaces:
1 x USB2.0 port
Card reader:
External (AC to DC) power supply:
100 ~ 240 volt / 60 ~ 50 Hz input
12 volt / 60 watt output
External small form factor power adaptor
Extremely high efficiency of up to 92%
Internal ATX power board (DC to DC) connectors:
1 x 24 pin ATX (25cm), 1x P4 (25cm)
1 x 4 pin molex connector
Included data cables:
2 x SATA (30 cm for DVD/HDD)
1 x 4 pin molex to SATA/Mini-SATA
power connectors (20 cmHDD/DVD)
12 months
EAN Code (MS550S - Silver/Black):
4 719864 244630
EAN Code (MS550B - Black):
4 719864 244616

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